The week is marked with a distinctive bend towards music and music culture.  But first you’ll notice some gaps in the week, I truly search for something I recommend but could find nothing.

The Beeb have highlights of from Glastonbury featuring this years undoubted best act and with a performance that had Facebook & Twitter a buzz for 36 hours and would have done the late James Brown proud, Janelle Monae.   They’ll also be screening the events headline act Beyonce.

Channel Four have a short season looking into all things Hip Hop which encompass all four pillars of the culture – MCing, DJing, Breaking/Dance and Graffiti in Street Summer Starting with actor/DJ/MC Idris Elba presenting a looking at the most important moments in it’s 40 years of the culture in How Hip Hop Changed the World; Other programmes in the season include the Akala fronted documentary covering the UK MC culture and its unique contribution to Hip Hop in Life of Rhyme;  StreetDance takes in this years Street Dance XXL 2011 Championships.

Finally, music-wise if you missed last Saturdays Beeb tribute to Amy Winehouse try and catch it on BBC3.

The good book might have stated, Spare the rod and spoil the child.  While Dr. Spock asked to treat children as individuals the arguments over how we raise children rage on.  The BBCs Laverne Antrobus takes a look at how parenting has changed in the last 50 years in Carrot or Stick – A Horizon Guide to Raising Kids.

Stay on the matter of children More 4 True Stories documentary strand explores the world of thousands of American children actors who flock to Hollywood every spring for “Pilot Season” in Babes in Hollywood.

Gordan does his usual schtick in the American version of his programme only this week sees him in California at a Jamaican restuarant in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA.

This week we’ve some really interesting films.  First up a film that took 5 years to make and is only 20 minutes long the deserved winner of 2010 Best Animated Short film Oscar, Logorama. A thriller with starring Ronald MacDonald as you’ve never seen him before and featuring hundreds of company Logos.  A real must see.  Stay with award winning films Dark Days is a 2000 Sundance winning film look at New York’s homeless.  Finally, there’s graffiti artist Banksy Oscar nominated Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Tuesday 9th

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA
C4  10pm

Gordon goes to California to see a Jamaican restaurant called Kingston. There, Gordon meets Dr Una Morris, a micro-managing owner who also works as a radiotherapist in a clinic next door to the restaurant.


Babes in Hollywood
More4 10PM

Every spring, thousands of aspiring child actors flock to Hollywood for the casting period for new television shows. This True Stories film meets a dozen of these mini Brads and Angelinas.

Directors:  Dan Sturman & Dylan Nelson


Thursday 11th

Carrot or Stick – A Horizon Guide to Raising Kids
BBC Four  8pm

Child psychologist Laverne Antrobus delves into the Horizon archive to find out how science has shaped our approach to parenting and education over the last fifty years.

Producer & Director  Georgina Leslie


Friday 12th

Glastonbury 2011, Beyonce
BBC Four  9:40pm

Highlights of Beyonce’s performance on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage in June.

Producer  Alison Howe
Director  Janet Fraser Crook


Glastonbury 2011, Janelle Monae
BBC Four  10:50pm

Highlights from Janelle Monae’s set on the West Holts Stage at the Glastonbury Festival.

Producer Alison Howe
Director  Julian Smith


How Hip Hop Changed the World
C4  10:25pm

Idris Elba counts down the defining moments of a culture that exploded out of 1970s New York to become one of the most dominant global economic, political and social forces of our time.

Producers  Roy Ackerman, Sam Bridger & Jeremy Lee
Director  Sam Bridger

A Fresh One Productions for Channel 4


Saturday 13th

C4  8pm

StreetDance documents the dance crews who compete in the UK’s original street dance competition, the Street Dance XXL UK Championship

Producer  Sophie Todd
Director  Gavin Searle

Fresh One Productions for Channel 4

Exit Through the Gift Shop
C4  9pm

This is the inside story of Street Art: a brutal and revealing account of what happens when fame, money and vandalism collide.

One  of the most provocative films about art ever made, an enthralling modern-day fairytale… with bolt cutters


The Antics Roadshow
C4  10:30pm

A celebration of the pranksters, hoaxers, jokers, activists and stunt merchants who use public space for their own unauthorised ends.


C4  11:50pm

Computer-generated anti-corporate short film set in a futuristic LA where everything is modelled as a corporate brand, as two cops hunt down a gun toting crazed Ronald Macdonald.


Sunday 14th

C4  9pm

The second show in this two-part series follows the surviving street dance crews who have made it through the heats, as they prepare for the 2011 Street Dance XXL Finals.


Graffiti Wars
C4  10:30pm

Graffiti – the work of mindless vandals or creative practitioners? To some it is art, to others a sign we’ve lost control of our cities.  But today it is transcending social nuisance to gain cultural and artistic credibility, unprecedented prices at auction and even Presidential and Prime Ministerial approval.

Prod/ Dir: Jane Preston

A Twofour in association with One Productions for Channel 4 –


Life of Rhyme
C4  11:35pm

Life of Rhyme explores British MC culture and its unique contribution to spoken word and poetry, be it via rap, jungle, drum and bass, garage or grime.  Life of Rhyme illustrates that at heart and at its best, the art of UK MC culture is a poetic representation of modern British life, and not a pale home-grown imitation of an American import.

The Programme features and performances from a range of artists, including Tinie Tempah, Lethal Bizzle, Roots Manuva, Blak Twang, Rodney P, Ms Dynamite, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lady Leshurr, Dr Lez Henry and more…
Prod: Vanessa Van-Yeboah and Jaimie D’Cruz
Dir: Yemi Bamiro

A Acme TV/ Lemonade Money production for Channel 4

Dark Days
C4  12:40am

British director Marc Singer’s documentary follows the lives of homeless people who found shelter in disused underground tunnels in Midtown Manhattan.

A cinematic portrait of the homeless population who live permanently in the underground tunnels of New York City. Squatters they have been living there for years. Marc Singer goes underground to live with them, and films this “family.” A dozen or so men and one woman talk about their lives: horrors of childhood, jail time, losing children, being coke-heads.