Last night Channel 4 aired a moving documentary telling the story of ‘The British Woman on Death Row‘. Linda Carty who  was born on the Commonwealth island of St Kitts, is awaiting execution in Texas: if she’s killed, she’ll be the first British  woman to be executed since Ruth Ellis, over 50 years ago.

Linda was convicted of capital murder in 2002 after it was alleged she was the mastermind behind a horrific crime. In May  2001, a criminal gang broke into the home of Linda’s neighbours and abducted a young mother and her three-day-old baby  boy.

The next day the baby was found alive in one of Linda’s cars, but his mother was found dead in another – she had been  suffocated.

Linda has always denied any involvement in the crime, but testimony from the gang and circumstantial evidence found at the  scene led to her arrest.

At her trial, Linda was represented by one of the State’s capital defence attorneys, who’s had over 20 of his clients end up on  Death Row. It’s claimed his poor defence of Linda helped lead to her conviction.

This  documentary, wasn’t just a film about a miscarriage of justice; but a revealing account of Linda and her extraordinary life. She’s been a primary school teacher, a dedicated single mother who overcame the stigma of illegitimacy, the victim of rape and abuse, and a woman blackmailed into becoming a confidential informant for the Drugs Enforcement Administration.

For those who missed it would definitely worth catching on 4OD; and if like the film-maker Steve Humphries, you come to the same conclusion that you’re not sure of her innocence,  but agree there is enough mitigating evidence to save her from death-row, you can do something it.

To learn more about her case, contact Reprieve, a legal action charity, uses the law to enforce the human rights of prisoners. They are campaigning on behalf of Linda Carty. You can help the campaign by Reprieve to ‘Save Linda Carty’ by signing their petition.






  • I rather thought that the only question is are you sure of her guilt? If not then she is “not guilty” and any properly directed jury would say so. To be “not sure of her innocence” is such a wrong test – I am not sure of many people’s innocence but they are allowed to walk un harmed.

  • Not surprised, but APPALLED!
    I sincerely hope that you are able to release Linda.
    If men kept their cocks in their trousers all her tragedy would never have taken place. Policemen too and MEN!
    It is unfair to the “good” ones!
    And what about the ignorance of a CIVILISED SOCIETY? If you do not TEACH them RIGHT, what do you expect!
    Her suffering is appalling. She has suffered enough! Release her with a PROPER Lawyer present with a BRAIN! BUT for the TRUE and GOOD use of JUSTICE!
    Further since it is ILLEGAL to have her in Death Row in the first place ie., being British, the “State” of TEXAS should be ashamed and reconsider via serious reflection! We would do the same for the people in Texas!
    And remember only God gives JUSTICE to us ALL at the end of the Day! (Remember me for this: “No one will pull the wool over His Eyes”!).
    Thank God when I think of the CORRUPTION that goes on! I will say nothing of the ATTITUDE of MEN! Bad enough if you are called “WHITE”!
    Finally: all the EVIDERNCE reliant on REAL CRIMINALS”??? “Amazing Grace” right enough Linda! Please know that you are in our love and Prayers!

    Very best Wishes
    I hope you are out of there soon and returned to your Daughter and lovely Family.

    Anne McQuade
    PS Extremely well done you guys that are trying to free her.
    Deepest THANKS!
    God Bless
    May you be free soon Linda!

  • Her pain and her tragic life is seen by all! I am astonished by her story, I am sad to say Linda Carty is a victim of the corruptive system of not only the USA but the UK and anyone that was involved with the sentencing of Linda deserves to take shame to their grave, I believe Linda Carty is a innocent BRITISH women. FREE LINDAA CARTER

  • wroge please save her USA taxes should not kill her and should review her case and answer her appeal requests by her lawyers God please help her I pray for you Linda your not to blame!!!

  • Linda deserves a trial, seeing she has not had one. How dare she be put to death. I am ashamed to say that I am a United States citizen. I pray for Linda and her family.

  • u all need to hear all the facts before judgeing linda why u all didnt let her take the stand

  • free is lovey lady this is the first time i have been brought to tears on the CI channel. i am british and i am ashamed that as a country we have not been involved and brought this lady home to AT LEAST A uk prison. WHAT CAN I DO TO HLP SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME