Reverse Missionaries starts tonight on BBC2 at 9pm. Following three young Christian missionaries from Malawi, India and Jamaica as they travel to different parts of Britain, in a new three-part series.

Reversing the paths taken by three 19th-century British missionaries who exported Christianity around the world, they arrive in 21st-century Britain to discover the historical roots of their faith and pursue their own missionary agenda in the UK.

While they stay in Britain the modern-day missionaries engage in their own missionary work. But as the visitors learn more about life in an increasingly secular Britain they have to contemplate some of the social issues that the church grapples with today.

In tonight episode Jamaican Baptist Pastor Franklin Small is on his way to King’s Stanley, a village in the Cotswolds. It is home to the oldest baptist church in Gloucestershire, which is now threatened with closure. It was also home to Thomas Burchell, a missionary at the vanguard of the anti-slavery movement in the Caribbean.

Pastor Franklin tries to bring some of his energetic Jamaican preaching style to the Cotswold community – but in the face of apathy, can he succeed in encouraging locals to embrace faith and take an interest in their church?

Inspired by the life of his hero, Franklin also undertakes a fascinating historical journey, meeting Burchell’s great, great, great grandson and paying his respects on the spot that he was baptised over 200 years ago.

Three part series starts tonight and is produced by TwentyTwenty.