Recently I completed a four week work experience placement with “Rip off Britain Holidays” and it was without a doubt one of the most outstanding and enjoyable work experience, experiences of my life from the very second I got there for my interview to the very second I left on my last day!

Having to endure racism and prejudice treatment on a regular basis within work and employment situations for the vast majority of my life, being at BBC Salford was like being transported to another world because of it’s fantastic diversity, open and inclusive practices, along with a fun and friendly and casual atmosphere.  Even the design of Quay House where I was stationed, is designed with the care of the employees in mind, creating a light filled, open space with the amenities to make employees feel at home and human!

I was so unbelievably impressed with everything, that I wrote to Alice Webb who is the director of BBC Salford, who I had the pleasure to meet and she is so switched on 100%, that she makes Black Pool Illuminations look dull!  She is an amazing lady who was there form the beginning in Peter Salmon’s original team creating the concepts, delivering them and maintaining them. 

So many people, organisations, etc rattle on about diversity and other approaches, but never actually do what they say and are mostly full of empty sound bites.  Not BBC Salford!  They walk their talk, every single day!  I know this from personal experience of being there for four weeks.  I didn’t have to play the game of spot the black person win a prize!  Every where I turned there were people from all racial/cultural  backgrounds, religions, people with disabilities.  Every where I went the employees were friendly and very welcoming.

In my fabulous four weeks I got to learn lots of new TV production skills.  I was able to meet with many talent managers and some heads of departments to talk about further opportunities with BBC Salford.  Everybody I met were super open to me, my talents, my ideas and what I wanted to learn and what I wanted do.  I was welcome every where and treated with kindness, respect and goodwill.  Salford BBC supports talented, enthusiastic, proactive, hard working people who want to make something of their skills in TV and Media work.

There is a quote by the BBC Director General Tony Hall that was on one of those electrical advertising boards on wall of my floor, but when I went back to write it down, despite standing there watching the adverts for 10 minutes it didn’t show up again, but it was an absolutely perfect quote about talent and diversity, which is exactly what  BBC Salford is about.  I will have to hunt the quote down, because it is so correct.

I can wax lyrically all day long about BBC Salford and how spectacular it is, but I just wanted you to know, so you can relay  at least my positive experience within the narrative of BBC Diversity to people.  It is important for people to know that there is at least one place in the BBC that is delivering diversity and not only talking about it.  

I am truly and genuinely enhanced on so many levels after my remarkable experience at BBC Salford!  I would advice anybody who is still trying to get through discriminative barriers and continually facing closed doors that are not based on their talents to come to BBC Salford.  Bring your talents here!  You will be treated according to the person you are, not the colour of your skin, religion, disability or other people’s perceptions of social class.  

When people are employed based on their talents and skills, diversity happens naturally and we can put and end to having special schemes to force employers to treat  all people fairly and equally.  This is where BBC Salford leads, not just for the Beeb, but for all UK media companies, including independent companies!

Fe – I am a Nubian, Yorkshire lass with a background in the performing arts, sports, fitness and writing. My interest in media comes from my committed desire to communicate, motivate, educate, share and learn.