The sport broadcasting industry has one simple rule: network as much as possible and make as much contacts as possible. Be organised, don’t be shy and always bring a notepad with you to either take notes or to write down contacts details. Notepads are old fashion but always handy and useful. You also have to think of yourself as a journalist and have a reporter’s mentality where you investigate and keep your stories accurate.

If you want to go into sport broadcasting just for fame, or just to attend sporting events or even just for meeting celebrities then you are wasting your time. It is hard work and most of the time you will be behind your desk writing or researching. Remind yourself that you will start from the bottom before making your way up to where you want to be.

Before considering a career in sport broadcasting ask yourself one fundamental question:

Are you passionate about sport? Without a real passion and knowledge about sport, then again you are wasting your time.

You need to demonstrate your real passion and knowledge for sport, willing to conduct endless research and read constantly to know the latest news or developments. As mentioned earlier, it is hard work, but if it is something you’re passionate about then hard work always pays off.

Then you need to think about your audience or your readers. Who is your target audience?

How are you going to present/deliver your work? You always need to bear in mind who is your target audience as you want people interested about what you say and write.

Finally bring something different, such as a new and unique angle. Remind yourself to be unique, different; what sort of story you are going to produce in your style or your angle.

The best way to start in sport broadcasting is working your way up through experience.

Don’t be afraid to fail but recover quickly. It is a learning process. Also if you show passion and hard work, people will hire you or give you opportunities and sometimes provide you with great contacts.

Most importantly have fun because if sport broadcasting is something you want to do, even though it is hard, have fun because it is a great journey towards your ultimate career in sport broadcasting.

Good luck and please share your sport broadcasting journey or tips with us.

By Telma Dias de Brito aspiring sports journalist