Bridging the gap between diverse talent and the industry.

The TV Collective is a Talent and Ideas Development agency, who’s sole aim is to support the economic growth of the diverse creative communities working in TV, film and digital media. We do this in a number of ways by showcasing work and talent as well as providing networking, employment and training opportunities.

Already working closely with the BBC, Channel 4, the CDN, as well as a number of production companies and policy makers we are always keen to forge further links with anyone who shares our determination to see under-represented groups particularly from ethnic and culturally diverse, working-class and disabled communities, integrated throughout the industry’s structures and operations.

Our website provides a central hub sharing the latest industry news, recruitment, commissioning, funding, development opportunities and initiatives aimed at promoting diverse talent; and with our monthly newsletter, podcast and growing social media community we are in regular contact with 1000’s of diverse media creative’s worldwide.

For our members we find jobs, create networking opportunities and host a variety of leadership and development workshops as well as one two one sessions’ to help them meet their career objectives. We also provide support with winning commissions and run a number of initiatives that celebrate and promote our achievements and successes.

For our corporate members and friends we are the bridge between creative talent and the industry. We can find the best talent both on and off screen; can support any development process from conception to final pitch, and can give practical tips and advice through our diversity specialists to help increase the range of diversity in any productions.

By working with us, production companies and broadcasters can meet their commitments to the Industry wide Diversity Pledge but also have tangible results and evidence to prove their efforts. Our ambition is to become an online community were members can network, create opportunities and forge professional partnerships; as well as creating the largest catalogue of the best alternative creative content that UK has to offer.

The TV Collective is a Talent and Ideas Development agency, who’s sole aim is to support the economic growth of the diverse creative communities working in TV, film and digital media.

Our online community consists of a range of seasoned professionals whose creativity has been informed by the richness of our diverse experiences and backgrounds. From new entrants to execs and managing directors we are all eager and committed to contributing to an industry that truly reflects 21st century Britain.

Founded in 2008 and run by Simone Pennant who has spent over a decade and a half working within the television industry. Simone started her career as a researcher in the BBC, during her career she has worked across radio, TV and digital media in all areas of production and has developed and had a number of programmes commissioned across the broadcasters for Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and the BBC.

Simone is a licensed career counselor and coach and in this role has guided and worked with writers, producers, directors in all branches of the media. She is also busy as writer and a commentator on both radio and TV, and has featured on the BBC’s Media show, Sky News, Broadcastnow and the Media Guardian.

Having been nominated for a Sony Radio award, and an industry diversity award, In 2012 she had the privilege of being selected by Baroness Floella Benjamin as one of The Women of the Year, for her efforts around diversity in the media industry.

Determined to make a difference The Collective is now recognised as the premier resource for providing the latest industry news, access to industry events, development, training, networking and job opportunities aimed at improving diversity.

From its humble beginnings The Collective now reaches over 60,000 people and over 20,000 within their social media networks. It offers a range of services including career and project development, event management and training. They work alongside production companies and Broadcasters, from chairing debates, industry panel contributions, consultancy, live and online events, workshops and talent

Ultimately The TV Collective is a cheerleader for creativity, shining a light on hidden gems of talent in the media from diverse backgrounds who feel on the fringes or under the radar of the mainstream UK TV, digital media and film establishment.

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