On the 6th September (which now feels like a lifetime away) we proudly presented our 1st TVC FilmNight  as part of the Portobello Film Festival.  BBC talent exec extraordinaire Michelle Matherson was our host for the evening and we presented a range of films  to a full house  of invited film professionals, commissioners, funders and film lovers.

The event  which is part of our ongoing mission to promote content producers of all backgrounds who feel on the fringes or just under the radar of the mainstream UK film & TV industry,  showcased a mix of drama, comedy, animation, documentaires films and pitch tapes from a range of ‘diverse’ filmmakers selected by our judging panel.

Paul Blake from Maroon Productions, Directory of Photography Ian Watts, and diverse content distributor David Cornwall from  Scorpion TV where just a few of the guests that joined us on the evening and took part in a lively debate exploring the ongoing  issues of diversity in film and TV.

It was a fantastic evening and The Portobello Film Fest have been invited back next year! None of it could  have been possible without the member of The Network, Yvonne Francis, Michelle Matherson, JB from the Portobello Film festival and Tony Auguste for his on going comittement and dedication and of course those who put forward films and attended on the night.

Please find below the programme of films shown on the night. Please get in contact for more info about any of the films or film makers featured on the night.

Day Off – (Drama – Duration 4 minutes)
‘Day Off’ is a short film with a quirky comic edge. It focuses on Derek, an impulsive, enthusiastic man whose world is not quite what it seems. We meet him relaxing on a day off.
Written and directed by: Henrietta Thomas
You Can’t Be Healed Unless You Feel (Documentary – Duration7min)
A documentary short about a musician with asperger’s syndrome. We get her thoughts about empathy, something she is not supposed to have, according to popular perception. Well, she is about to shatter that myth.
Written and directed by Dolly Sen
May Wong (Drama – Duration – 18 minutes)
Is an imaginary portrait of the dreams of Anna May Wong (1905-61), the first Chinese-American movie star.
Written and directed by Shan Ng
House (Animation – Duration – 4 minutes)
For generations, a family lived in a spacious, beautiful and generous house. The generosity of the house had become part of their life. Guests were always welcome to enjoy a pleasant stay. Until one guest arrived with a different plan in mind.
Written and directed by Ahmad Saleh
Mary and John  (Drama – Duration – 6mins)
After 50 years of marriage- Mary comes to terms with John who is a shadow of his former self.
Written and directed by Julius Amedume
Mr. Graham- (Drama – Durations – 14 minutes)
A young man comes to terms with  his inner demons.
Written and directed by Julius Amedume
Clench (Drama – 16 minutes)
Made as part of the Generation 3.0 project, which looks at how racism can be ended in a generation, this short film tells the story of Ash, a mixed-race girl from Old Trafford, Manchester, UK.
Written and directed by Riffy Ahmed
Riot from Wrong  (Documentary – 1 hour)
Inspired by largest case of mass civil unrest in modern British history; with over 60 interviews across London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool all led by the young team as well as the narration, research and a significant amount of the filming and editing, Riot From Wrong is a unique, deeper look at society through the eyes of its future generation.
Produced by UKFullyFocused, Teddy Nygh
All About The McKenzies (Crowd Fund pitch)
Web Series sitcom – Samuell McKenzie, 22, young father aspires to be an Hollywood superstar but is bogged down by his broken relationship with Annika Lewis 21, struggling to get access to his daughter he dosen’t let that stop him from following his dream, on the other hand what dosen’t help is his family who have their own little dramas, and being the eldest son he must make an example. What’s a young dad to do?
Written and directed by Samuell Benta
Erasing the Nuba (Crowd Fund Pitch) “The Arab Spring has taken the regimes of Mubarak, Gaddafi. If it worked with others, it can work for us also” – a Sudanese Activist.For months the government of Sudan has been bombing the state of South Kordofan, forcing nearly half a million people to flee into caves and thousands into South Sudan as refugees.Bowed but not broken, this is the story of resilience of a people.Produced by – Yoletta Nyange and Hannah Murphy 

 Look out forward to seeing you at the next one!!!