The BBC3 Debacle

Undoubtedly the biggest story in the UK media last week, was the news that the BBC were planning to take youth-orientated digital channel BBC 3 off our TV screens, giving it an on-line only presence.  Comedy stars who’s programmes have featured on the channel took to social media to protest about its demise, and it had the biggest impact on our facebook page by far.  We posted four stories, all of them getting over a hundred views each with the article written for our website by ex-BBC honcho Pat Younge gaining over 400 views.  The general consensus amongst TVC supporters is that they are against the move, suggesting that the money would be better saved by cutting BBC 4 who’s demographic is already well served by Radio 4, Radio 3, and BBC 2.  It does indeed seems strange, that the BBC would acknowledge with concern that they are losing younger viewers, and at the same time relegate the one channel that caters to them to i-player only.  The BBC have explained their motives at length, and if you care to read it, its all here.

After reading that if you’re still not convinced and you want the Beeb to change their mind, have started a petition which you can view/sign here.


Staff revolt at Russia Today

A regular topic for debate amongst my media friends is the political bias of the UK news outlets.  There are many that argue that they don’t trust the Beeb or Sky and feel they get a more accurate world view from foreign outlets like Al Jazeera or Russia Today. But conversely there are those that argue that Russia Today is not a serious news outlet and merely a propaganda outlet for Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin. With this in mind I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of the hosts of RT Abby Martin had made some on-air criticism of Russia’s moves into the Ukraine.  (Read the full story here). But it doesn’t stop there.  Not to be outdone, a second journalist, Liz Wahl, a correspondent for RT America, resigned on air, saying she could no longer be part of a network that “whitewashes the actions of Putin.” Watch it below.

This all makes RT even more fascinating watching than usual. But my advice is that it remains best to get your news from a wide range of outlets.



Wall to wall women at Radio 1

I’m always pleased to see indications that the ‘male, stale and pale’ elite that rule every aspect of this country are loosening their vice–like grip.  Hence I was glad to hear news of the bosses at Radio 1 handing over the airwaves exclusively to their female talent over the   weekend to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The station featured only female hosts from 7pm on Friday when Annie Mac went on air, until 10am on Sunday when Gemma Cairney wound up her programme.



Hopefully, after this token gesture female talent will find it easier to find their way onto the airwaves.


Sisters behind the camera.

And whilst more female DJ’s are getting a foot in the door at Radio 1, there are also plans afoot to increase access for female TV directors.  Directors UK and the BBC are piloting a workshop for women TV directors who are keen to return to work after a career break or reposition their career. The workshops will be run by Helen Matthews from Media Parents and career development specialist Shiona Llewellyn and will be held on 20 March in London and 10 April in Salford.  The initiative is part of a drive from Directors UK to increase the number of women directors working in the film and TV industries.  According to new Directors UK research, the number of women directors working in TV drama dropped significantly between 2008-12, averaging out at 8%. For some drama strands it was zero.  The association is due to publish a report about women directors in the coming months.


Last week we brought you the trailer for new Spiderman movie which features Jamie Foxx as the villain Elecktron.  Jamie’s been a busy boy as he’s already got his Christmas movie in the bag.  Check the trailer for the remake of Annie starring Quvenzhané Wallis in the title role, and Foxx as millionaire Daddy Warbucks.  True to form, a Black actor in a role previously portrayed as white has caused some controversy.  After you watch the trailer on scroll down to the comments for a taster!




And finally, the coolest thing I’ve seen online this week, we once again go to America.  Anyone who’s been following US TV for a few decades will be familiar with the Arsenio Hall show.  A close friend of Eddie Murphy (they starred together in Coming To America), Hall had a nightly chat show that was the coolest thing on TV through the 90’s.

Well the show has recently made a comeback, and Arsenio is calling up all his old showbiz mates to help boost the ratings, and last week he had none other than Prince – not just performing but in a rare interview.  Enjoy below.  You can thank us later.


That’s all for this week folks. But if you can’t wait until next week for your next fix of TV news , stay tuned to the TVC facebook page for daily updates.