jay_mukoroJay Mukoro is an incredibly talented television producer who has worked on some of the most important landmark current affairs and documentaries on British television in the last ten years from “Mixed Britannia” to the Bafta award winning series “History of Modern Britain”. His work serves as an inspiration for many BAME people working in television.

On Wednesday 23rd April several members of the TVCollective received an email from Jay’s wife Olivia who wanted as many of Jay’s friends and colleagues to know about her husband’s current situation and not hear through gossip and rumour.

Our prayers and hopes are with Jay, Olivia and their families.

Dear Jay’s friends, 

As I think most of you know, I’m writing with terrible news – on Sunday around 2pm in Barbados Jay went into the sea just in front of our loungers (and in front of the life-guard hut). I saw him walking into fairly busy water to just above knee height. I think he must have got into serious trouble in the water because when I looked up I couldn’t see him. I raised the alarm with the lifeguards and we searched all day with the lifeguards, coast guard team and police but he wasn’t found all that day. Since then they have been looking every day, searching by boat and driving in the water, checking the hospital etc but nothing. Since he had nothing with him and he had just gone for a short swim and I was on the beach all day looking til dark, with no sign of him getting out (by anyone on a very busy beach), I can only fear the worst. Jay isn’t a strong swimmer and though he is careful and cautious but the waves and current on the beach are strong.Over the past few days they have continued searching the sea for a body and nothing has been found but they will continue looking.

My family (Mum, Dad, Helly and Pose) have flown out and are being amazing as you can imagine. We’ve been told there’s nothing we can really do – but so that we’ve exhausted every avenue we’re putting posters around and doing interviews with the local papers (there are already tv / radio and newspaper announcements but they’re very brief so we’ll try to raise the profile as much as possible).

I am so sorry to bring such devastating news to you of someone who I know you all held very dearly.

Love to you all,

Olivia xx