Last week Lenny Henry spoke exclusively to us at the TV Collective about his new proposal to DCMS – The Henry Papers.  Watch here.

Lenny also asked us to get behind his proposal by emailing Ed Vaizey The Cultural Minster.
There are serious behind the scenes discussions that Henry’s proposal to ring fence funding especially for minority ethnic production companies and projects may be adopted by DCMS with HUGE implications for the BBC and other broadcasters. Lenny Henry  goes back to the DCMS this summer.

Given we all HAVE to pay for a TV licence, but are still frustrated by the constant lack of  the lack of opportunities, career progression and questionable portrayal; Do you currently believe you are getting value for your money?  If not make a stand! Take two minutes to copy and paste the email below and fire it off to Ed Vaizey at –

As much as I am optimistic that Lenny’s plan can instigate some real change, I’m  also conscious that we’ve had similar moments many many many times before. So if the issue of diversity continues to be a talking shop, I for one will be seriously considering whether I will be renewing my TV licence. Will you be joining me?

The time has come to stop talking and lead by example by being proactive and taking action!

DO IT NOW! Lets be the change we want to see! 

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Dear Ed Vaizey,

I believe that there is a massive under-representation of black Asian and people from ethnic minorities working in the media. BAME people make up 14% of the population yet less than 6% of the people who work in the media are from ethnic minorities!

I have read the recent news coverage of Lenny Henry’s plan for UK TV channels to have ring fenced money for BAME productions and programmes as they do for the Nations & Regions. I think this is a great idea.

Can you please tell me if you support this idea with regards to the BBC and other UK channels, and what else you are doing to make sure more black, Asian and ethnic minorities are employed in the media.