Donna-TabererThe BBC Academy and the TV Collective joined forces at New Broadcasting House this week to help a packed room of tv professionals steer a clearer and sharper course through the television careers maze.

Speaker Donna Taberer, head of the college of production, shared her own career story with the attendees – from assistant producers to documentary features editors.

And she directed them to the wide range of courses (some of them free) and funding available to freelancers, indies and industry professionals. From storytelling to career shadowing to the latest craft skills, most of the training can be found at BBC Academy or its commercial sister site, she explained.

She also insisted that, in the business of television, ‘soft skills’ like leadership, resilience and management are as important these days as tech or hard skills. Learning how to network effectively is crucial, she said, no matter how much people may think they don’t like it or feel they won’t be good at it.

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