After a decade at Channel 4, Ade Rawcliffe leaves the corporation this week.

Whilst at C4, Ade Rawcliffe led the creative diversity team and spearheaded delivery of the broadcaster’s 360 Diversity Charter. She oversaw the creation of C4’s Commissioning Diversity guidelines and was also involved with a number of projects developed through diverse funding vehicle the Alpha Fund.  Rawcliffe was part of the team responsible for C4’s coverage of Rio 2016 and London 2012 Paralympics. During her time at C4 she also worked with the features commissioning team and was responsible for shows including The Secret World of Lego, Ainsley Harriott’s Street FoodBritain’s Youngest Carers and Don’t Blame Facebook.

For many, Ade a long time friend and supporter of The TV Collective was the gateway into Channel 4 and the first point of call if you ever needed advice, or support navigating your way around the Channel and the industry. She will be truly missed.

“A is for Ade. A is also for Awesome. The two words are synonymous. That is all.”

Described Vivienne Molokwu, Commissioning Executive, Features at Channel 4,  a sentiment that many agree with.

“I first started working with Ade on the Diversity task force – and I recall the first meeting we had with a large group of stakeholders. Ade was passionate and ballsy – not afraid to say what needed to be said and willing to hold a mirror up to our own organization. She has an incredible gift to deliver with such heartfelt passion, that you really do end up leaning forward and listening to what she has to say. For me, it’s about the contagious energy she brings to every encounter!” – Sanjeevan Bala, Channel 4

“To Ade whom I heart a lot. My sister from another mother . I met Ade through working at Channel 4, in that time we quickly bonded professionally because of our shared passion to see representation on television and in the arts improve. Having moved on, however, It is the friendship that I am most grateful for. A friendship that slowly grew into a treasured sisterhood. I can only pray that all my future ventures lead to the kind of relationship and friendship I was fortunate enough to have with Ade, however as most of you know, she is truly one of a kind”. – Safiya Ahmed

“Ade has always been a fantastic support – positive, realistic and encouraging.  I’m sure she will be much missed at Channel 4 but wish her every success at ITV”. – Basi Akpabio, Agatha Christie Limited, Creative Director 

“Ade’s deep appreciation of programme making and creativity is one of her many talents and helped many producers to make a real difference to the diversity of the C4 schedule”.  – John Mcvay, Chief Executive Pact

“Ade was wonderfully funny and fiercely intelligent colleague of mine when I was at C4 (2008 to 2013) and then afterwards, now I’m back on “the outside” she has always been an open door and incredibly encouraging.  Irreplaceable. – Katie Boyd (ex c4/Creative Director Screenchannel TV)

“I had the privilege of working with Ade in the halcyon days of the original Creative Diversity Department with Stuart C. Ade and I became firm friends very quickly. I love her wit, her honesty, her ever-changing hair,  her complete intolerance for BS (quite a useful trait in the world of TV…!) and her refusal to take any of it too seriously, whilst at the same time, being a true champion of the people she worked with. There are two types of people in this world, radiators, and drains, and she is the queen of the radiators. Her smile, her laugh, and her brilliance will be sorely missed at Channel 4, but lucky, lucky ITV for getting her. I wish her every success, she thoroughly deserves it.”  –  Susie Wright, Business Development Executive

“Ade has taken an active interest in and guided me through my whole career – she’s an inspiration.” – Irshad, Filmmaker

“Not the best picture in the world, but fantastic memories of Ade’s great company at the Paralympic Games in Rio and the taxi driver who took us the long route into town!!” Hayley Thornton

“Ade – when I joined Channel 4, your smile and laugh were two of the first things I came across. I can still hear it now sitting at home. You are so positive and energetic and it’s infectious and wonderful to work alongside. I don’t know how you can possibly deal with your commute going from 3 mins to 10 though. Good luck x”Jamie Aitchison, Auro Media Commercial & Development Director

“The turn-out and atmosphere in the room at Ade’s leaving party said everything you need to know about how loved and respected Ade is within the industry.   She’s had a hugely positive impact in her role, always thinking about the bigger picture as well channel 4.   Many will have benefited from her insights and generosity and all who know her will have been inspired by her commitment to the cause, her passion and her limitless energy.    And let’s not forget her integrity. And on a more serious note – she throws a damn good party!” – Tamara Howe, former BBC controller of Business – Comedy and Entertainment.

“Ade’s been a good friend and mentor to me in my career. I had the privilege of covering her job in Creative Diversity for a year but I doubt I could ever live up to her levels of knowledge, enthusiasm and energy. I know she’ll do a great job at ITV.” Lara Akeju, Channel 5

I’m the one between Syeda and Oona.” – Pascale Waltho

“Since I met Ade a couple of years ago, my life at C4 has been vastly improved. Any meeting with Ade in it is more inclusive, more honest and more entertaining. Precisely the ingredients of any decent meeting. She is a complete joy because she manages to combine passion and integrity with wit and humour and that’s a great skill. I will miss her dearly. I’m the one between Syeda and Oona.”Pascale Waltho

I am grateful for Ade’s unwavering support, and for always affording me time. A really lovely lady who I wish the very best of luck to her in her new role at ITV.”Spencer Honniball

Ade takes up a newly-created role at ITV as head of diversity in its commissioning team. Reporting to director of programme strategy Rosemary Newell, Rawcliffe will support the commissioning team as they drive on and off-screen diversity and help programme-makers meet inclusivity guidelines.

Rawcliffe said:I am looking forward to leading on this important area with ITV’s commissioning team and ensuring that both in front of and behind the camera we represent and include the many diverse voices and communities across the length and breadth of Britain”.

ITV director of television Kevin Lygo said “Ade’s role will be to bring her considerable skills and experience to ITV, to support and keep our genre teams on track, working with both commissioners and producers to ensure that whether it’s casting or crewing up, inclusive processes and reflecting modern Britain are always part of the creative conversation.”

Ade Rawcliffle, Paul Blake from Marron Production and yours truly messing about at our #TVCPowerlist photoshoot. Picture credit – David Freeman



We are confident that Ade’s legacy will continue to be felt through her work at ITV.

As always wishing her nothing but love and the very best from everyone at The TV Collective.

Thanks for everything x