Have you ever asked yourself the question:

Why do you REALLY work or want work in TV?

Having worked in the media industry for more than 20 years, the one question that can never be escaped is – Why?

At job interviews you’ll be constantly asked why do you want this role or why do you want to work on this programme? Funders will ask why they should invest in you and your project? and I guarantee at some point of your career you’ll ask yourself why am I doing this again?

Understanding your why is one of the first and most important steps to unlocking success in an industry that at times will make you feel like you have imposter syndrome and you don’t quite fit.

How do you  filter out the “diversity noise” that says “they can’t find the talent”, “You’re too much of a risk”, or “You’re not quite the right fit”? How do you silence the little voice in your head that constantly questions whether you’re good enough?

Remembering your WHY –  that’s how. 

Finding your why requires taking a deep dive within. If your why is based on gaining some kind of external satisfaction for example the  glitz and glamour of the media industry, how rich you’ll be, or kudos you’ll gain from working in TV or film – oh boy, you are in for a shock. There are a lot of easier ways to make money or have your ego stroked.

Do you have something to say to the world? Want people to feel a certain way, is the medium a perfect way for you to share your thoughts and ideas? Are you a storyteller or do you just what to entertain people?

You’re the only person who truly knows your why, once you do and it’s clear in your mind, it acts similar to Google maps – it makes the journey to success easier and less stressful.

Your work will feel soo much more satisfying, the jobs you apply for, the projects you create have a focus and purpose. With this clarity, it becomes easy to enrol others into your projects, enabling you to attract the resources and support needed to take your work to the next level or realise a dream.

Why is your anchor. Without your why, you’re p*ssing in the wind. Why keeps you grounded and motivated. Why ignites the passion that feeds the fire needed to get things done. Why keeps you hanging in there when all feels like it’s lost.

Do you remember your Why?

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