Wow! It’s hard to believe 2020 is just around the corner! Are you ready to start making some significant changes to your career next year? Is 2020 the year where you realise your worth and work on projects you love and charge the rate you know you deserve? 

Christmas is literally around the corner, it’s the time for overeating, binging on box sets and promising to restart your gym membership and making other ‘life-improving’ changes. 

Before you start listing your New Years resolutions, it’s vital to get an accurate picture of what shape you are in right now. If you’re serious about achieving any level of meaningful success in your career, why not seize this moment to take stock of the past 12 months and conduct a career evaluation.

Ask yourself the following questions…

What career goals did I accomplish this year?

Did you take that step up, for example, did you move from Assistant Producer to Producer? As a freelancer did you manage to secure a steady stream of work throughout the year? Did you finish that script? Win a commission? Attract brand funding? Or did you just go through the motions of your job with no real progress? 

Make a list of your achievement this year. Whether it was something massive like negotiating your dream contract or a pay rise, or small like updating your CV. Knowing what was done or half-done can be an excellent motivator for what areas you need to focus on in the coming year. 

Be honest with yourself, what have you really achieved over the past twelve months? What plans did you put in place that you actually action? And what were the results?

Celebrate what you have achieved but don’t be too hard on yourself if your not in the place you thought you’d be. Remember no matter what you accomplished this year, you did something, and that is the most important thing. One step at a time is the only way to get to where it is you want to go. 

Did my skills get sharper?

One clear sign of professional growth is the skills you gained throughout the year. 

What did you do this year to increase your expertise and skills in your role and or the industry?

Do you have more skills now than you did at the start of the year?

Did you attend masterclasses, industry events, festivals, talks or workshops? Did you take classes or get online training, earn new certifications or kept up with industry trends? 

Doing this is key to keeping your skillset up to date and desirable. 

Not sure what skills you gained this year? Look at the projects you’ve worked on, ask your boss for feedback. Your boss, someone you work closely with or a career coach should be able to give you an outside perspective on where you’ve added new value.

If you are from a *BAME backgrounder and want to book a career coach but worried about funds, ScreenSkills are offering funding support for any training and career support you need. See the link below.

What is the one thing that happened at work this year that you would change if you could?

With the benefit of hindsight, is there anything you would change this year? Was it a mistake you made at work a missed opportunity, something or somebody you wished you had handled differently.

If you missed a chance at something, how can you set yourself up to take the next great opportunity that comes your way? Acknowledging your mistakes or regrets is the first step to not repeating them. 

So you messed up – Sh*t happens! Now you’ve learnt something and not to make the same mistake.

Once you know what you would have changed, this will help you focus on what to work on for the next year. 

Were you happy doing your job?

Yes? Then dig a little deeper, what in particular made you happy? Is that you were passionate about the type of projects you on? Was it the people? The company you work for? Or finding solutions for challenges?

Whatever makes you happy in your job, keep that in mind as your key driver as your career grows. Of course, not everything is going to make you happy at work all the time, but keep alert for the things that do, what is it you need to be satisfied? Ensure you look for that in future jobs/projects. 

If, on the other hand, nothing made you happy at work, ask yourself why, and how can you change that in the coming year. 

If you want to change, then you are going to have to be the change you want to see. Identify what you are unhappy with, what needs to done and take the necessary steps to make it happen. It might even mean it’s time for you to move on from your current role and seek new adventure elsewhere.

What do I want to accomplish career-wise in the coming year, and how will I plan for success?

There’s no point in looking back if you’re not going to learn the lessons, see the changes needed and then take action. 

Once you have completed your end of year career evaluation, create an action plan to help ensure you have a productive year. 

Set yourself three to five goals for the year. It’s a good idea to set quarterly, monthly or even weekly task that is needed to achieve success. 

Once you begin to tick things off of your list, you will start to notice your career moving in the right direction. This movement will give you the momentum to push on.

Ask yourself – How much do you want this? If you do, you are going to need to be committed and disciplined. Don’t be a martyr get the help you need, ask a friend, partner, boss or a bestie at work to keep you on track, or consider engaging the services of a career coach. 

If you are determined enough success will come your way, the small investment into yourself now will pay dividends in the future. I bet when you look back at this time next year, you will be surprised by what you have achieved.

If would like to undertake a full career evaluation or  need guidance keeping your career on the right track contact simone@thetvcollective to see how we can support. 

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