Do you feel stifled and unable to express with clarity, exactly what you want to do? Has your job just become a means to an end? Have you been overlooked and under payed for far too long? As the film & television industry continues to struggle with diversity, the lack of opportunities for career progression can deplete the passion you once had when your aspirations felt achievable. This has left many creatives exhausted from the battles to prove their worth, despite their obvious credentials, and as a result, scores of people fall out of love with a career they once had high hopes for.

This may all sound like clichéd and I’ve no doubt you’ve heard it all before, but having a passion for what you do can never be underestimated and it CAN be re-ignited. Much like a long term relationship, you can dig deep, stoke the embers and keep the fire burning. And let’s face it, creatives rarely feel satisfied doing anything other than, well, creating.

If you are frustrated, or want a change in direction, ask yourself the following:

If I could silence the noise, put aside office politics and the continuous debate over diversity and how my skills and abilities are called into question…

  • What areas of my job do I really enjoy?
  • What areas of the industry do I still love?
  • Why did I choose to do this in the first place?
  • What still gets me excited, even if it’s just a flutter?

Then complete the following statements:

  • I really love doing…
  • I do this because…
  • If I am not doing what I love right now, what is stopping me and how do I make this happen?

If you can answer these questions honestly, your next career move should start to become clear.

It may be that there isn’t anything that excites you anymore, you feel burnt out , dislike your job and the industry. It happens, but have all the knock backs created a sense of fear which now holds you back?. What can you do about your situation, even if it’s a small step? – Life is short and we should be striving to live life in joy.

When faced with tasks you don’t like, remind yourself, it won’t be long before you’llbe doing what you want, this time will pass.

Identify the areas of your job in the industry that you still love – be present and open, immerse yourself fully in what you’re doing when you get a chance to do it, and appreciate the timely reminder of why you do what you do, and be grateful for all the things you still enjoy.

I guarantee after a few short weeks, you’ll start to notice and feel more positive.

By changing your perception and focusing on your whys and loves rather than the frustration of the situation, anything or anyone standing in the way soon fades into insignificance.

When you focus on doing what you love, it creates a powerful agent for change. This makes the insurmountable possible, and gives you all thearmour you need to take a bold leap closer to doing what it is you truly love.

Happy Love Day!