Bob Clarke – CEO: Mama Youth Project & Exec Producer of Licklemor Productions.

Josie Dobrin – CEO & Co-Founder: Creative Access.

Josie gave an overview of Creative Access, a social enterprise based at ITV which works with a wide range of organisations and young people from underrepresented groups in the creative industries inc; Theatre, Music, Talent publishing, Journalism, Television.


Bob launched Mama Youth Project based at Sky in 2005 after 20 yrs of working in TV. Bob recalled on his 1st day at work, someone saying “there are not enough black people working in TV” and decided to address this to provide young people with the opportunity to understand the process, in the hope that it might combat nepotism and the ‘who you know’ way into the industry. Bob aimed to ensure new entrants had a better chance at the interview stage. The training lasts 14 wks in total and people work on real TV Show which is currently broadcast on Sky One. The first 4 wks is intense with a range of roles; researcher, camera operator, editor & production management. The remaining 10 weeks are in production where you get on with the job. A variety of partners offer placements; Sky, BBC  Endemol, Shine, Freemantle.


What do these schemes prepare people to do?

Josie – It’s tough to get that 1st rung on the ladder so we prepare you with the application and we make sure you feel confident to enter the workplace we do entry support & development support. We help what it’s like to be a minority in the workplace.


What happens after training?

Bob – It has to be about employment, there has to be a tangible outcome we give a minimum of 6-month support (it’s really for life) and help to get paid opportunities for them.


Application process?

Josie – Be mindful of where you’re applying!  Lots of people apply for everything, you need to show where your interests are, and the skills you can transfer to a role. There’s a lot of competition at the moment we need as many roles as possible within organisations.

Bob – Are you prepared to work hard to change your life? We work with people who are passionate about themselves. Having a career is a life-changing opportunity.


Uni or not?

Josie – You don’t have to go to University, we guide our employer partners to lower their entry point, but typically, it tends to be more graduates who get placed because of their confidence. People like employees who have some life experience, not going to University is not a deal-breaker. Very few employers look at Universities you’ve attended.

Bob – Just because you’re a graduate doesn’t mean your life is rosy, it’s about what you want to do for yourself. Your university course might become useful later on, but, practical experience will get you the job.

Creative Access work as a conduit for employers and we have an opportunity page on our website and follow us on SM _@creativeaccess.


Mama Youth Project – Our social media tells people when we’re open to applications and look at and apply. We receive a  lot of people via word of mouth, which guarantees you an interview.

Creative Access – There’s no age limit but be prepared to answer why now at the interview stage?

People with experience in the industry can become mentors/get involved with the schemes and spread the word about organisations who are trying to make that change. You can also show support by creating opportunities.


When can people apply for your schemes?

Mama Youth Project – Next intake is in August 2020.

Creative Access – It’s a rolling programme, there’s no specific deadline just keep checking.



Look at the credits.

Think about transferrable skills.

Personalise cv & covering letter.

Access resources and create content.

Network, get involved and meet people.

Make sure your social media is ‘sensible’

Write to companies and ask to meet up, this could lead to work experience.


Great advice & a superb session from our panellists Bob & Josie.

Thank you very much.


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