The Matilda remake, which features Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey, will feature as the opening film of the 66th BFI London Film Festival. The director of the BFI London Film Festival admitted that she was astounded by the cast list for the upcoming adaption, which features Emma Thompson, Stephen Graham, Andrea Riseborough, Sindhu Vee, and Alisha Weir as Matilda. The BFI London Film Festival’s director, Tuttle, predicts that Lashana Lynch’s portrayal of Miss Honey “will warm your heart.”

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BBC failed to mention DJ Tim Westwood wasn’t the subject of any complaints.

The BBC had previously claimed there were no such complaints against former Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood, the BBC has now admitted it did get six in the past, including one that was reported to the police.

There was “no indication of complaints,” according to Tim Davie, director general of the BBC, for the month of April. The allegations made afterwards involved alleged sexual harassment or bullying by Tim Westwood. Several women accused Westwood of sexual assault in a joint BBC News and The Guardian investigation that was published the day following Davie’s comments, and they claimed “he abused his position in the music industry to take advantage of them.”

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A new Comedy special dedicated to black history month starring Sophie Duker, Big Zuu and Kemah Bob. 

Dane Baptise, Darren Harriot, Jason Forbes, Ola Labib, and Thanyia Moore are just a few of the black comedians and entertainers that have recently received commissions from Dave to create a series called Just Jokes that would cover both their personal comedic experiences and events in black history. They’ll talk about issues like growing up as a black person and facing prejudice and jeers on stage. This is a fantastic opportunity to create a significant show that informs and entertains audiences about black culture.

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A Syrian Refugee Tale served as inspiration for this EXCLUSIVE look for all animation lovers.

The short “Lamya’s Poem,” created by Alex Kronemer, was played in festivals in Vancouver, Zurich, and Prague in addition to being one of the well-liked competition films at the 2021 Annecy Film Festival.

The story teaches the moving and contemporary story of a 12-year-old Syrian girl who flees the tragedy in her homeland and finds comfort in a precious collection of poetry by the renowned poet Rumi, who lived in the 13th century.

The voices of Lamya and Rumi are provided by Mena Massoud, who most recently featured in Disney’s “Aladdin,” Millie Davis, who has roles in “Wonder,” “Orphan Black,” and Faran Tahir, who has roles in “Iron Man” and “Star Trek.”

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Teens were prohibited from viewing the animated film “Minions: The Rise of Gru” as a result of the TikTok craze that it started.

Teenagers dressed in suits are not permitted at some screenings of Minions: The Rise Of Gru due to disruptive conduct brought on by a viral trend. Videos of dressed-up groups watching movies while imitating the main antagonist, Felonius Gru, with his signature hand signal are trending on TikTok under the hashtag #GentleMinions. The source of the movement is uncertain. As a result of the suit-up groups’ participation, loud applause, and disruption of the movies, some UK cinema theatres have implemented clothing regulations.

Similar incidents happened when Vue theatres forbade the screening of Blue Story following a major brawl that broke out after the film. They connected it to the film’s violent themes.

When we go to the movies together, we all share an experience that allows us to escape our own world. What do you think of theatres deciding what the general public is allowed to see and wear? Will children of colour also be impacted by this?

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