BBCS and Pinterest collaborate on short videos: 

For the first time, BBC Studios and Pinterest have joined to sponsor two up-and-coming content producers to produce short form videos for the social media site.    

Through the collaboration, Pinterest hired the Bristol-based BBCS factual entertainment production team to assist DIY expert Emma Downer and stylist Seun Ogunsola in creating six individual, two-minute episodes apiece. 

The two got BBC Studios TalentWorks training and development, including presenter training, networking opportunities, and coaching. They both already have a significant following on the platform.  

BBCS TalentWorks senior development producer Katrina Bell said: “With millions of users sharing their interests and ideas there every day, Pinterest is a great platform for discovering new factual entertainment creators.”   

BBCS Bristol’s creative director of factual entertainment Juliet Rice added: “Seun and Emma are really impressive creators, and it was wonderful to collaborate with them and have the opportunity to share our experience and learn from theirs.”  

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