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‘Top Boy’ Season 3 Will End the Crime Drama on a High Note

Head back to the streets of East London this September when Dushane (Ashley Walters), Sully (Kane Robinson), and the rest of the Summerhouse gang return for the third and final season of Top Boy.

The gritty crime drama follows the powerful drug dealers as they continue their pursuit of money and power, and the intense trailer hints at plenty of epic drama in the final episodes, while also promising “no loose ends.” Watch the new trailer above. 

When is Top Boy Season 3 out?

The final six episodes will drop on Sept. 7, 2023.

What is Top Boy’s final season about?

Season 2 concluded with Sully’s actions rewriting the rules of his business with Dushane. Now, the two of them will endure new problems as everything they’ve built comes under threat from forces outside and within their empire. The rules that Sully and Dushane have lived by their whole lives are tested in an ever-changing world in a final chapter that will decide who can reign as Top Boy of Summerhouse.

The saga of Summerhouse has meant so much to the cast and crew that they felt a responsibility to deliver a satisfying ending, not only for longtime viewers but for themselves, too. 

“With something as great as this, you should end on a high, and that’s what we’re doing,” Walters, who plays warring dealer Dushane, told Tudum when we visited the London set of the final season in September 2022. “We’re all battling on a daily basis to make sure that we give our audience and the fans of the show the most amazing ending that we can.”

When the series was renewed in 2022, Walters and Robinson vowed in a joint statement that they would remain faithful to their characters until the very end.  

“For those that have followed the journey from the start, you will know how much this show means to everyone on our team, and we wholeheartedly know how much it means to you. These characters have been a part of our lives for over a decade now, and without everyone’s support we couldn’t have come this far,” they wrote. “We’re very excited about what’s next and thank you for riding with us. We appreciate you. See you again soon.”

Who is in Top Boy Season 3?

Returning stars include Walters, Robinson, Simbi Ajikawo, Jasmine Jobson, Saffron Hocking, and Araloyin Oshunremi, along with new cast members Barry Keoghan and Brian Gleeson.

Is there anything else I can see while I wait for Top Boy to return?

Yes, check out the teaser that was released in the spring. 


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