Pearlena Igbokwe: Take risks or be ‘part of the wallpaper’

NBCUniversal studios chief urges industry to keep moving the dial

If broadcasters don’t take chances, they risk becoming “part of the wallpaper”, according to NBCUniversal Studios chief Pearlena Igbokwe. 

Igbokwe made a firm case for continued risk-taking during a discussion with writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch at the Edinburgh TV Festival, adding that there’s “no big reward” for sticking to safe commissioning strategies.

 “[I’m looking for] improbability and risk when I hear ideas for shows. If you’re not trying to do something specific and something that hasn’t been seen before, it won’t resonate as loudly. You just become part of the wallpaper,” she told delegates today (24 August). 

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