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Discover Me:  Adjoa Andoh, Lady T, Tobi Rachel – Audible

Labels, Labels Labels! They can be helpful when shopping for clothes and food, but on people can be a little restrictive. Given to us by society, given to us by family, or even social media – what do any of them actually mean? And how far do they go in defining who we really are?

Two black British millennials, Lady T and Tobi Rachel, explore labels and identity in conversation with someone they’ve admired from afar for years. Adjoa Andoh is a star of stage and screen. With roles ranging from Doctor Who and Richard II to Bridgerton in a career spanning several decades, Adjoa is a force to be reckoned with.

Over three chapters, they dig into her West Country beginnings, her artistic success and her faith. With the help of contributors who will all share an aspect of Adjoa’s life, each chapter will look to expand the boxes that society attempts to squeeze her into.

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