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Ian Wright and Kano Star in Daniel Kaluuya’s Directorial Debut, ‘The Kitchen’

Daniel Kaluuya’s directorial debut, ‘The Kitchen,’ just premiered at the London Film Festival, and the dystopian drama features two of London’s most recognisable faces.

Kano stars as the lead, Isaac, in Kaluuya and Kibwe Tavares’ warped image of London, while Arsenal legend Ian Wright makes an appearance as a pirate radio station DJ.

The directorial duo imagined a future with no social housing, where residents of ‘The Kitchen’ – the housing estate that gave the film its name – bang pots and pans to alert neighbours of the frequent police raids.

Whilst residents are constantly avoiding eviction and fighting to keep The Kitchen up and running, Isaac is entirely focused on getting out of the rundown estate. His plan to escape to a high-end development across the city gets delayed when he takes recently orphaned Benji into his care.

The film is visually stunning, contrasting decaying, brutalist estates with sleek high-rise apartment buildings dotting the London skyline.

Visual effects don’t do the heavy lifting here, though. The story is an emotional social commentary on class and politics, drawing upon themes of surveillance and class struggle found in iconic dystopian literature and film.

‘The Kitchen’ will be released on Netflix and in cinemas later this year.


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