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Economic Downturn Impact Survey Report-The Results

The British TV industry is entering what many say is the worst economic downturn we have seen since COVID-19. There is an ongoing threat of productions going on freeze, redundancies going up, jobs down, and things are not expected to improve for at least six months.

Historically, it is the Black, Asian and Global majority communities who are often left out of the conversation and the first to feel the brunt; we wanted to change that narrative. So, we asked our community how the downturn was impacting them, what are their concerns, and what support they thought the industry should be offering.

We thank everyone who took part, was generous with their responses, was honest about what it is currently like working in our industry and gave practical suggestions of the best support needed at this time.

According to our survey, over 50% of our community are out of work, 85% have seen a drop in opportunities compared to last year, and nearly 75% are considering leaving the industry, citing financial strain, career stagnation, fear of bias and discrimination as their main reasons.

After reading through the results of our survey, it will become apparent, even if you are a freelancer looking for your next opportunity, you are in a staff role and uncertain about the future or an executive wanting to know how to help during these difficulties, obviously people want jobs and money if you can’t give those there are three main proactive things you can be doing right now.

Read the Full Report Here
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