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Little Britain sketch racist and outdated, Ofcom audience research says

A Little Britain sketch has been deemed “explicitly racist and outdated”, with some viewers surprised it is still available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

TV watchdog Ofcom showed people a number of clips as part of a study into views on potentially offensive content.

The Little Britain sketch, first shown in 2003, features a David Walliams character using racist terms to describe an Asian character.

Ofcom said participants in its research felt that “society had moved on”.

In response, the BBC said: “All jokes in our output are judged on context and intent.

“The sketches in which the character Linda Flint makes reference to the appearance or race of a series of people are intended to expose and ridicule some of the outdated prejudices and racism that still exist in parts of British society, which is more apparent when viewing the sketches within the context of a full episode, and across the series as a whole.

“The programme is part of the BBC’s comedy archive and information is provided for iPlayer viewers about the inclusion of discriminatory language.”

Before viewers click to watch the episode, they see a warning that reads: “Contains adult humour. Contains discriminatory language.”

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