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UK film and TV workers: share your experience of finding work

The UK’s film and TV production industry is worth more than £6bn, with investment from US streaming giants like Amazon and Netflix bolstering the market in recent years.

However, a perfect storm of issues including a fall in advertising spending, a plunge in commissions from both domestic broadcasters and international streamers, and this year’s strikes by Hollywood writers and actors have led to the UK industry going quiet. Last month, a survey from the industry union Bectu estimated three-quarters of freelance film and TV crew in Britain were out of work.

We want to hear from UK film and TV workers. How have you found getting work recently? What has been the impact on your finances? Have you taken on work outside the industry, retrained to switch to another career, or are you planning to?

Share your experience

You can tell us your experience of finding work or retraining recently by messaging us on WhatsApp at +447799322095, or by filling in the form below.

Please share your story if you are 18 or over, anonymously if you wish. For more information please see our terms of service and privacy policy.

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