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Nawfal Faizullah: Executive Producer Of Brand New TV show ‘Grime Kid’ on BBC IPlayer

Nawfal Faizullah, Executive Producer and Breakthrough Leader 2021 is thrilled to announce the launch of his brand new television show, “Grime Kids”, airing on BBC iPlayer on Monday 13th November!

Grime Kids is a new BBC Three fictional drama series created by Theresa Ikoko, writer of the BAFTA-nominated coming-of-age film Rocks, and inspired by the non-fiction book of the same name by DJ Target.

The series is markedly different from the book and traces the lives of five fictional characters, growing up in the early 2000s, desperate to have their voices heard through music.

A love letter to east London, the series is set and filmed in Bow, celebrating the culture, community and creatives that gave birth to a then new genre: grime.

Watch Grime Kids on iPlayer from 13th November.

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