Commissioner Survey: Concerns grow as slowdown hits hard

Rocketing costs, a downturn in the ad market and struggling streamers are all playing a part in reducing commissions, with survey respondents worried for indies and freelancers

The television industry is in a radically di­fferent position to last year. Gone are concerns about the talent crunch or retaining freelancers amid the post-Covid boom, replaced by the cost of production spiralling, the ad market slumping, streamers faltering and the BBC undergoing a licence fee freeze.

The result has been a commissioning slowdown that has been much discussed by the production sector – but far less has been said by rank-and-file buyers. This is where the Broadcast Commissioner Survey 2023 comes in.

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According to our survey, over 50% of our community are out of work, 85% have seen a drop in opportunities compared to last year, and nearly 75% are considering leaving the industry.