Jide Johnson & Aniboxx team, co-writes, directs, produces, and voices Random Acts UNCLE: A Traditional African-British Folktale on C4

Jide Johnson, a multi-talented animated producer and owner of Aniboxx Studios, has successfully pivoted from advertising to a dedicated focus on film and television. His extensive skill set includes directing, pitching, writing, producing, animating, storyboarding, character design, and even voiceover work. With a particular passion for transforming the image of black men in society, Jide’s studio, Aniboxx, boasts an impressive clientele including Cartoon Network, BBC, Google, Sky TV, Birdseye, Playstation, Mr Men, Channel 4, PWC, and Deloitte.

UNCLE: A Traditional African-British Folktale

Written by Jake Wiafe (Little Dot Studios / All 3 Media). A folktale based on a true anecdote from an elder who journeyed from Africa to Britain. UNCLE leaves a comfortable life to migrate to London, but is it the land of opportunity that he was promised?

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