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Defiance-Fighting he Far Right | Channel 4

Ch4 is airing Defiance, by Leader Rajesh Thind from next Monday. Tune in and support our community! More eyes means more green lights for all of us. 

Across three compelling hours, ‘Defiance’ is set to examine how Britain’s Asian community was targeted with a campaign of violence and murder between 1976 and 1981, as National Front activity became increasingly prominent. The series investigates seminal events ranging from the Southall protests, the death of Blair Peach, the Battle for Brick Lane and the extraordinary story of the Bradford 12 – events which were often overlooked by the press, the police and the government. Through a cache of archive footage and compelling new testimony from key figures on the front line at the time, the ground-breaking documentary series will show what happened when the British Asian community decided to fight back.

Watch The Trailer Here

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