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Collective equals connection

About Us

We are a networking resource that connects content creators of colour working across TV, Film and Digital media to paid opportunities, the industry and each other.

Our aim at The TV Collective is to support you to achieve your career aspirations whether that is getting a project green lit or a new job or promotion. We have been doing so for nearly 20 years

Our Current Work

in Partnership with Channel 4

Indie Accelerator

Six indies will each be assigned a Channel 4 Commissioning Editor who will work with them to share insights on the commissioning process, and they will receive top level leadership coaching co-ordinated by the TV Collective.

in Partnership with Fremantle

Breakthrough Leaders

Throughout the year, our 50 Breakthrough Leaders have been partnered with a leading industry figure of their choice, who will provide them mentorship, career guidance and support with extending the leader’s contacts and raising their profile.

Coming to you, early next year

Breakthrough Festival

For the first time, the ‘Breakthrough Leaders Visionary’ festival will take place this Autumn and will be an extension of the initiative’s ethos by bringing together leaders, pioneers and visionaries from Black, Asian and ethnic origins who are helping to redefine the industries status quo.

one-to-one support available

Career Support

Whether you are looking for a new job, a promotion or want a project green-lit.  We have been around for more than 15years, so we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of being apart of our Community

We share exclusive industry invitations, offers, resources, key industry dates and opportunities to extend your contact book, collaborate and communicate with our community and beyond.

This is our mighty network, our community, so get involved and share news, opportunities and above all let’s use this space to support each other to success.

We believe your success is our communities success!

what makes us different

The values we live by


We know that talented, experienced, and work-ready television professionals of colour are not a risk and are easy to find. How do we know this? Because most of them are in our community. Here, our community supports each other to succeed.

Everyone can make a difference

We passionately believe that your perception, intent, and commitment have the power to change not only your career, the industry but also the world. So important in fact, it guides everything we do. If you believe you can't, you're right; if you think you can, you're right too.

Your network equals your net worth

Community and collaboration is the fastest route to change. Divided we fall untied we stand. The clue is in our name The TV Collective.


We believe everyone deserves a seat at the table no matter their background. #TakeUpSpace.

Active Members
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Including visitors to our website and across all our social media platforms. Our members proactively get involved in topical debates sharing content and attending events. 

career Promotions
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Over the years we have supported thousands of people get jobs and get promoted with the support of our job board, career clinics and networking events. 

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We have supported producers to win hours of commissions on platforms like Sky, Channel 4 and Channel 5. 

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We have hosted hundreds of in person and online masterclasses, career clinics networking and training events. We have offered exclusive invites and discounts to industry events. 

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Meet the Team

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Simone Pennant

Director & Founder

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Jhanae Harji

Digital Marketing Manger

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Chelsea Macaulay

Project Assistant

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Kiki Aryeetey

Community Engagement Manager

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