Career Advice?

  • Need help working out how to get your TV career on the right track ?
  • Sending CVs but not getting a response?
  • Going to meetings and interviews but no job offers?
  • Or do you just feel stuck and need help getting your career back on track?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then why not book yourself into our career clinic.

With over 10 years of experience, we are well connected and have a clear steer of what recruiters and commissioners wants. We understand how difficult it is to navigate through the minefield and challenges of our industry.

Over the years we have helped 100’s of people get work, created opportunities and hosted numerous networking events, masterclasses and talent salons that have showcased and connected talent.

Some of our achievements includes working with BBC Studio’s introducing Mark Linsey to a range of senior diverse talent, supporting presenter producer Joanna Abeyie win her first commission on Channel 4 with her series idea Hip Hop Millionaires more recently matching nine senior exec with Channel 5’s commissioning team.

We are collaborative, solution-focused, results oriented and honest which helps you identify, clarify and achieve your goals. Our aim is to help you  make a transformational breakthrough with your career

Whatever your concerns, a session at our career clinic help you move forward effectively.

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