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Victim was written for the purpose of exploring the use of narrative, independent of dialogue. The film opens in the aftermath of a series of seemingly traumatic events, leaving the audience to slowly peal away at the layers to discover the truth of what really happened. As the events unfold, the audience are lead down a hazy and uncertain path where they are forced to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle, and so making them an integral part of the story’s creative process. The storyline for everyone who watches becomes a unique one. The further you allow yourself to venture, the more personal the story is for you. Every single one of us possesses the ability to be creative. And like children, the more effort we put into it, the more we appreciate what we have created. Victim is a study of this process.

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...If You Can Dream And Not Make Dreams Your Master; If You Can Think And Not Make Thoughts Your Aim; If You Can Meet Triumph And Disaster And Treat Those Two Impostors Both The Same...

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