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Help us support over 1000 freelancers in the next 6 months. 

The British TV industryhas entered what many say is theworst economic downturnwe have seensince COVID-19.There is an ongoing threat ofproductions going on freeze, redundancies going up, jobs opportunities down,and things are not expected to improve forat least six months. 

According to our recent survey,over half of our community areout of work,85%have seen adrop in opportunities compared to last year, andnearly three quarters are consideringleaving the industry,citing financial strain, career stagnation, fear of bias and discrimination as their main reasons. 

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are considering leaving the industry
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unaware of any industry
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wanted skill enhancement events and masterclasses
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wanted an opportunity to network

Historically, it is the Black, Asian and Global Majority communities  who are often left out of the conversation and the first to feel the brunt; WE WANT TO CHANGE THAT NARRATIVE.

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Help us support over 1000 freelancers in the next 6 months. 

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Jobs & Opportunities

Ensuring our jobs, opportunities and weekly news updates stays free to our entire community.

Peer to Peer Support

Connect 1-2-1 with either our Breakthrough Leaders or community members, for guidance monthly check ins and support.  

Monthly Career Clinics

Hosted by Career Coaches, Talent Managers and Industry Experts, our career clinics offer freelancers an opportunity to get support and advice for all their career needs; from improving CV’s, negotiating contracts to building their networks. 

Skill Enhancement Masterclasses

Exclusive events especially tailored from the unique perspective of our community. In these sessions, members will explore new opportunities, challenges and advancements in our industry with respected thought leaders.

Networking Opportunities

As we know, it’s not what you know, it’s know you know in our industry. Members can directly connect with talent managers, recruiters and each other. FESTIVAL*

TVC Online Community Platform

Our online platform and events, makes it easier for members to collaborate, support each other and share opportunities, creating an all-important sense of community, during this challenging times.

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Support 100 Freelancers £1500 For 6 Months/£299 Per Month

Your contribution will ensure our entire community continues to access jobs, opportunity, and resources completely free of charge. In addition, it will also pay for 100 freelancers to access our TVC Online Community Platform for 6 months.

You will also be able to:
  • Share your jobs and opportunities.
  • Diversify your talent pool by connecting directly with our cohort of Breakthrough Leaders and growing community of Black, Asian and Global Majority TV professionals; All who are experienced and work ready. Making it easier for you to crew up when productions get back up and running.
  • Host or be a part of masterclasses, virtual coffee mornings and networking events.
  • Proud Partnership - your company's logo will be included in our roll call of supporters which is shared on our website, newsletter and across socials.
  • Receive our official, certified TV Collective supporter logo, which can be used both on your website and annual report, showcasing your commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, not only to our community but the industry at large.

Help us rewrite history at our Leaders Visionary Festival taking place on the 28th of February 2024. For the first time ever, 100’s of Black, Asian and Global Majority TV professionals will gather in the city of London to discuss their contribution to the industry.

Everything In Option 1, plus…
  • Your support will subsidise the entrance fee for freelancers.
  • You are listed as one of our supporters in our online publicity about the event.
  •  Receive an exclusive invite to join us at our closing networking reception at the prestigious Guildhall.

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£8.99/£49.99 Monthly/Annual Subscription

Join our community and gift a friend, peer or colleague 6 months free access to the TVC Online Community Platform. Connect to paid opportunities, the industry and a growing network of TV professionals of colour.

Buy 1, Gift 1 Free
  • First Look At Industry Jobs & Opportunities
  • Monthly Career Clinics hosted by TV Talent Managers, Career Coaches & Recruitment Experts
  • Resources That Support Your Personal Growth And Career Progression
  • Exclusive Industry Invites
  • Exclusive Networking Events
  • Peer to Peer Support
  • Skill Enhancement Masterclasses Hosted By Key Industry Figures
  • Discounted Entrance Fee For In Person TVC Events
  • Attend Our Webinars And Online Events Free
  • Connet, Collaborate & Showcase Your Work To Industry Peers
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Active Members

Including visitors to our website and across all our social media platforms. Our members proactively get involved in topical debates sharing content and attending events. 

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career Promotions

Over the years we have supported thousands of people get jobs and get promoted with the support of our job board, career clinics and networking events. 

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We have supported producers to win hours of commissions on platforms like Sky, Channel 4 and Channel 5. 

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We have hosted hundreds of in person and online masterclasses, career clinics networking and training events. We have offered exclusive invites and discounts to industry events. 

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According to our survey, over 50% of our community are out of work, 85% have seen a drop in opportunities compared to last year, and nearly 75% are considering leaving the industry.